Hendricks Gin

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Hendricks, Scotland, 41.4%                                                                                

Hendricks was created in Scotland in 1999.

The story goes that one summer’s afternoon a Scottish whisky distiller, David Stewart, was visiting a very special lady known to her friends as Aunty Janie who was not just the oldest women in Scotland at the time (109) but the granddaughter of William Grant the famous distiller.

While David was in Aunty Janie’s garden he was enjoying a cucumber sandwich washed down with a little gin sat amongst the roses (as you do). Struck by how well the flavours combined, our hero set about distilling a gin with a hint of both rose and cucumber. However, as a Scotch distiller of some repute he was loathed to associate his name with gin, so he named his creation after Aunty Janie’s gardener, ‘Hendrick’, the man he had been chatting to in the garden.