We are back on the 12th April ..

Opening at noon sharp, on the 12th April 2021.

We have been working hard on the site to upgrade the infrastructure, electrics, plumbing, drains, toilets, roof and plaster.

We are opening on the 12th April and would love to see you all back.

We don’t yet have any new pictures of the Steam Crane, so we thought we would show an old one.

The picture above is of the Steam Crane, when it used to be called the Star Inn. 

There is a story. Its also true. On the 15th February 1827, a caravan and circus of wild beasts was at the Star Inn. The caravan was run by James Rochester, who the day before had appointed Joseph Kiddle as an assistant keeper. Joseph was 25 and from Dorset. 

Joseph was told he was not allowed into the cage with Nero the lion. Joseph did not listen.

On the afternoon of the 15th, Joseph was left alone and some customers arrived to look at the lion. However, they were disappointed that Nero the lion was asleep, so Joseph went into the cage to wake him. Joseph startled Nero the lion. Unfortunately, Nero killed Joseph instantly. 

On February 20th, the Somerset coroner, Mr Caines of Langport, convened his inquest into the death of Joseph Kiddle at the Star Inn. The jury recorded a verdict of accidental death.

If you are a guest and there is anything we can do to help, send us an email at guests (then the a.t sign) thesteamcrane.co.uk.