The Soul Strutters

The Soul Strutters

Genre: Soul/Funk
Band Members: Eric Mylod-Okafo – Vocals/Bass
Jack Baldus – Keyboards
Barney Sage – Drums
James Arbery – Guitar
Home Town: Bristol

About: The Soul Strutters are a collective of professional musicians from Bristol who love nothing more than performing specially handpicked songs from the golden era of Funk, Soul, Disco and Rare Groove.

Formed at last-minute in October 2012 for a cocktail function, The Soul Strutters gelled immediately after the first 4-bars of ‘Use me Up’ by Bill Withers was performed.

From then on, the band were playing the circuit of live music venues near enough every weekend around the Bristol and surrounding area to the present day, solely through word of mouth.

The group was founded on a mutual love and respect for the music they grew up on and have always wanted to perform, and from the sheer smiles on their faces from start to finish, it’s clear that the passion and enjoyment radiates through to the audience.

The Soul Strutters are one of the most frequent additions to The Steam Crane’s weekend roster and put on a great show every time they make an appearance, bringing all of their enthusiasm and passion to the stage. This is one that you won’t forget, you’ll struggle to find a live performance tighter than The Strutters!