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Red Ray & the Reprobates


The South Bristol Voice once described Red Ray and the Reprobates as being “shambolic,” and on your first encounter with this rough-around-the-edges Country and Rock-n-Roll group, you’d be forgiven for perhaps imagining them as a leaderless band of wandering outlaws, out to shake-down some far-flung Old West town. The Reprobates have crept into Bristol’s counterculture music scene under the cover of night, before seizing it by the lapels, and shaking it to the core.

Self-described “dirty, working-class motherfuckers,” the Reprobates are a microcosm of the times – angry young men whose new album – Red Ray and the Reprobates – perfectly encapsulates a state-of-being felt by anyone struggling to get-by in uncertain times. From Quicksand, and Hard Luck Barnaby, to Giant Song; The Reprobates’ music is harsh, hilarious, and a righteous litany against the Sisyphean toil of life in an uncaring, neon world. The retro, Cash-esque stage presence, interwoven with traces of Punk, Grunge, and Brit-Pop, gives a delightfully raucous voice to a generation left-behind.