Horning Glory – Band Page

Horning Glory 

Genre: Popular, Jazz, Funk – in the style of New Orleans brass bands
Band Members:
Danny White – Tuba
Mike Cooper – Drums
Ashley Skerrett – Bone
Arthur Page – Bone
Josh Moore – Tenor
Charlie Lacey – Alto
Doug Wells – Trumpet
Joe Hamlen – Trumpet
Home Town: Bath
About: The maddest, baddest, illest, brassiest squad you’ve ever heard!
Biography: Hailing from downtown Bath ‘Horning Glory’ play the duttiest brand of hardcore, sexed up brass you’re ever likely to hear.

Known as rule breakers their crazy exploits involve ‘cheating’ in a battle of the bands and getting a Scotsman to flash his kn*b in front of a large crowd.Their music has been described as timeless, somewhat like radiator pants or a hangover pi*s.