Privacy policy
The Steam Crane Pub Company is committed to protecting the privacy of its users under the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Collection of data
We may collect personal contact information from you, for example, if you sign up to our newsletter. You can later request to have this information modified or removed from our systems. We use this information to carry out the immediate activity requested and for no other purpose. We do not disclose this data to any persons outside of The Steam Crane and its immediate staff.

The Steam Crane does not use or track any cookies

Use of session files
The Steam Crane does not use session files to log your individual browsing patterns; instead, we collect web site usage information in aggregate form. We use this data to analyse which pages on the website are most commonly viewed and which URLs are referring site visitors to the web site.

Links to external sites
The Steam Crane cannot be held responsible for the content or data policies and procedures on external sites.