Corporate Responsibility

Our Responsibility

Like all pubs and restaurants, we have to be concerned with profits and finances. In this we have no choice. But we do have a choice about how we achieve this and what we focus on, and that is important for us as a responsible local community business.

That’s why our ethics, values and behaviours all combine to shape our approach to responsibility.

Our Mission

“We will endeavour to conduct our business in a way that benefits our local community, customers, suppliers and employees.”

We are proud of the role we’ve played in renovating and transforming The Steam Crane building and the change that has made to North Street.

As the owner and operator of such a community building, we are a key enabler of further local community regeneration. This is a responsibility we take incredibly seriously. Always.

As we progress, we believe Responsibility to the Community should be an integral part of sustainable business management and employee behaviour. In going about our business we are determined to embrace the concepts of accountability and transparency. Only by doing so will we make a positive contribution to the community around us.

Our programme of Responsibility related activities is centred on the areas of People, Planet and Profit. We encourage engagement at individual and collective levels as our people look for ingenious ways to make a difference.


We look to make a positive contribution to our communities when asked. We are also planning to involve our staff and buildings in charity events. This gives something back to the community and also benefits the staff significantly.


We have a focus on looking at new and innovative ways of driving down our carbon footprint. We also involve our suppliers and take seriously our influence on the supply chain.


Our environmental focus on what we consume and how we consume it is incredibly important to us. As a consumer of electricity and gas we look to reduce this where possible.